ECORP Staff Participates in Heritage Park Community Service Day!

A group of ECORP staff members participated in Heritage Park Community Service Day! Heritage Park, created by volunteers in just four hours, was established to commemorate the City of Redlands 125th Anniversary (1888-2013). Prior to the Community Service Day, ECORP performed the project’s biological and cultural resources studies and archaeological construction monitoring for the City of Redlands Quality of Life Department. The surveys and technical reports were prepared on an expedited schedule to meet planning deadlines.

Approximately 2,000 energetic, enthusiastic volunteers came out to the groundbreaking event, despite the climbing temperatures and hard, dirty work. ECORP staff members (Candy Coons, Wendy Blumel, Kristina Lindgren, Katherine Vienne, Freddie Olmos and his 7-year old daughter) took part in the activities. They were on the crew spreading mulch, and they even planted a few trees!

The 18.4-acre Heritage Park property was the Van Grouw Dairy from the 1940s through the 1980s, and is currently partially occupied by The Grove School, a public charter middle and high school. The main goal of the project is to showcase the history of the City of Redlands throughout its various periods, while providing much-needed recreational space.

Heritage Park will include a 150- to 200-person capacity amphitheater, a riparian zone, a Native American “village”, an ethno-botanical and water-conservation demonstration garden, a replica of Redlands’ historic irrigation ditch (called the Zanja), an archeological dig, a vineyard, a replicated water wheel, animal pens, citrus groves, and a series of trails. The trails will provide access to the adjacent 1901 Barton School House and the San Gabriel Mission Asistencia. The Community Service Day brought the community together and created a sense of stewardship for the park and Redlands.

For more information on the Heritage Park Master Plan, please visit




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