Todd Chapman Awarded the 2017 AIFRB Distinguished Service Award

todd-chapmanTodd Chapman, ECORP’s Southern California Aquatic Resources Group Manager, has been honored with the 2017 Distinguished Service Award from the American Institute of Fisheries Research Biologists (AIFRB) for his achievement in building existing and new membership. The award was presented at the Southern California District Business meeting on April 13, 2017, at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point.

His current research interests include the ecology and habitat associations of nearshore marine fishes and the competitive interactions between sensitive freshwater fishes and non-native invasive species. In 1994, while still enrolled as a Marine Biology student at California State University, Long Beach, he began attending district meetings of AIFRB. The Institute is a professional organization established to promote conservation and proper utilization of fishery resources through the use of fisheries science and related sciences. The role of the Institute is to enhance the professional development and performance of its members and recognize their achievements. This goal is pursued by advancing the theory, practice, and application of fishery biology and fishery-related sciences.

Todd was promoted to full member status in 2006 and has been an active member of the southern California district of AIFRB for the past 11 years. Over the course of his membership he has participated in the judging of student papers for AIFRB-sponsored awards at numerous Southern California Academy of Sciences (SCAS) and California/Nevada Chapter of American Fisheries Society (AFS) meetings, and has played an active role in the planning and coordination of events and meetings held by the Southern California District of AIFRB.

In 2014, he was nominated to fill the position of National Membership Committee Chair, where he assists students and domestic and international fisheries biology applicants in obtaining membership in the Institute. As the Committee Chair, he coordinates all membership application requests, facilitates all interactions between the membership committee and the AIFRB Board of Directors, assists with the maintenance of the membership database, and delivers all membership diplomas and informational packets to successful applicants. Since attaining this position as membership committee chair, he has become an active participant on the Board and has spearheaded several membership-driven efforts focused on membership retention, student promotion, and new member recruitment within the Institute.  His efforts have assisted the Institute in gaining new members to a level not realized since the mid-1980s and promotion of existing membership at the highest levels since the mid-1990s. During his tenure at AIFRB there has been international membership interest from fisheries professionals in numerous countries including Bangladesh, India, Italy, Nigeria, and Sweden.

For more information contact Todd Chapman at (714) 648-0630.


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