Cultural Resources – Expertise You Can Trust

Private sector development brings unique and complex challenges in the State of California. Many outside entities have the ability to influence the design and progress of your development projects. You need someone on your team who understands the regulatory and political environment and who will work alongside you to navigate, negotiate, and strategically pursue project approval.
Constraints Analyses : ECORP employs  state-of-the-art technology and a proven approach to screening project locations and alternatives for developers, long before projects are designed and engineered. This saves time and money by helping to identify fatal flaws and other potential regulatory issues early in the planning process.
Peer Reviews :  Our experienced archaeologists and architectural historians are independent experts who review technical studies prepared by other consultants to
determine compliance with applicable regulations and laws. Doing so  before the reports are  submitted to agencies can save permitting time and provide a level of confidence for your application process.
ArrowheadConfidential Compliance Strategy :  ECORP’s expert cultural resources specialists include faculty in the California State University system who teach advanced cultural resources law courses for planners and future professionals. Our knowledge of cultural resources laws allows us to work well with land use and environmental attorneys to provide you with the strategies necessary to achieve project approval in a quick and efficient manner. We develop options for compliance strategies that are in accordance with the law and meet your unique needs.
Agency/Tribal Liaison and Negotiation : New and complicated tribal consultation requirements and short-staffed reviewing agencies can result in obstacles to your project’s planning schedule. ECORP’s senior staff includes a specialist trained in cultural resources conflict resolution and negotiation to help achieve consensus and move your project forward.
HistoricalTechnical Studies, Documents, and Mitigation : ECORP’s well-rounded and multi-disciplinary in-house staff can also provide you with cultural resources surveys, evaluations of significance, archaeological excavation, and monitoring – everything that you need from project initiation to project construction.
Exceptional Client Service :  Since 1987, ECORP’s service to the private and public sectors has taught us to be cognizant of schedules, while being sensitive to costs. We function as a member of your project planning team, providing customized, high quality service in a timely manner. We have experts throughout California and near your project area, with additional capabilities in New Mexico, to provide you with a personal consulting experience specific to your location.
For more information, contact Lisa Westwood , RPA, Director of Cultural Resources at (916) 782-9100.

About ECORP Consulting, Inc.

ECORP Consulting, Inc. has assisted public and private land owners with environmental regulation compliance since 1987. Find out more at ECORP Consulting's mission is to consistently deliver high-quality environmental consulting services through outstanding science and timely, creative solutions for our clients, while providing an excellent work environment for our staff.
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