ECORP Hosts the Desert Tortoise Council Board of Directors’ Meeting

ECORP’s Redlands office recently hosted the Board of Directors of the Desert Tortoise Council (DTC) for one of their regular board meetings. The DTC was established in 1975 to promote conservation of the desert tortoise in the deserts of the southwestern United States and Mexico. The non-profit organization comprises hundreds of professionals and laypersons who share a common concern for desert tortoises in the wild and a commitment to advancing the public’s understanding of the species.
The DTC provides training courses, awards grants for students and professionals doing research on desert tortoises, and comments on projects that affect desert tortoises and their habitats. In addition, the DTC puts on an annual symposium that brings together researchers, environmental professionals, government entities, students, and non-profit organizations to provide updates on the status of the species, habitat condition, health concerns, and conservation efforts. To find out more or to become a member of the DTC, visit their website at:
For more information, contact Mari Quillman at (714) 222-5932.

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