SJM Biological Consultants Joins ECORP Consulting, Inc.

We are excited to announce that SJM Biological Consultants (SJMBC) has joined forces with ECORP.
September Article1After working in the Southern California region as an independent
consultant for nearly four decades, Steve Montgomery is now a Principal Biologist on ECORP’s team of biological resources professionals. During the transition, SJMBC will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of ECORP. SJMBC and ECORP staff have worked together on well over 100 projects in the last 25 years. Steve has been training ECORP biologists for several years, and ECORP and SJMBC are now moving forward as a seamless team.
SJMBC was established in 1983 and, since its inception, has completed nearly 1,000 field inventories of endangered and otherwise sensitive vertebrate wildlife species, analyzed myriad wildlife habitats and communities for their suitability for various wildlife species, developed habitat creation methods for a variety of federally and state-listed small mammals, and implemented numerous species translocation projects. Clients have included both public and private enterprises, from individual land owners to municipal, state, and federal agencies, and various Department of Defense entities. The firm has directed or participated in field studies in most Southern and Central California habitat types, including oak and riparian woodlands, coniferous forests, sage scrub and chaparral communities, alluvial fan scrub communities, grassland communities, coastal wetlands, freshwater marshes and lakes, and hot and cold desert communities.
Steve is a recognized expert on the federally listed (endangered) Stephens’ kangaroo rat, San Bernardino kangaroo rat, Pacific pocket mouse, Amargosa vole, and Yuma clapper (now Ridgway’s) rail, as well as the California state-listed (threatened) Mohave ground squirrel and sensitive Los Angeles and Palm Springs little pocket mice, and he has worked with these species for decades. He has striven to provide the highest quality field studies and related-assistance to clients, while maintaining his expertise with various species and his relationships with state and federal regulatory and conservancy agencies.
September Article.2This new relationship will add invaluable expertise to the ECORP team and will provide additional depth of services and responsiveness to Steve’s many loyal clients. Our enhanced team looks forward to continuing to provide the same types of high-quality  services our clients have come to expect and rely on.
Steve makes his home in Flagstaff, AZ, further extending ECORP’s geographic reach. For more information, contact Steve Montgomery at (928) 527-1604, or Don Mitchell or Kristen Wasz in the Redlands office at (909) 307-0046.
September Article 3
A wholly-owned subsidiary of
September Article 4

About ECORP Consulting, Inc.

ECORP Consulting, Inc. has assisted public and private land owners with environmental regulation compliance since 1987. Find out more at ECORP Consulting's mission is to consistently deliver high-quality environmental consulting services through outstanding science and timely, creative solutions for our clients, while providing an excellent work environment for our staff.
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