Angela Haas and Caroline Garcia Serve on the Board of The Wildlife Society

Angela Haas, Associate Biologist/Assistant Project Manager, is the Conservation Affairs Committee Chair of the Sacramento-Shasta Chapter of The Wildlife Society. Angela has been a member of the Chapter since 2018 and is Chairing the conservation committee position, which involves coordination with Chairs of Conservation Committees throughout California, Nevada, Hawaii, and Guam to review and comment, if appropriate, on issues that may affect the conservation of wildlife and their habitats.
The Conservation Affairs Committee of the Sacramento-Shasta Chapter has historically worked with diverse groups, including members of government and the public, to discuss local issues affecting people and wildlife in the region. The Chair can then elevate local conservation issues to a platform where they can be addressed using knowledge and expertise at a regional scale.
Caroline Garcia, Assistant Biologist in our San Diego office, is the Social Media Committee Chair of the Southern California Chapter of The Wildlife Society. Caroline has been a member of the Chapter since 2018. Caroline’s role as social media Chair involves advertising professional workshops, promoting networking/social events, sharing interesting wildlife news of the So-Cal Chapter footprint, and encouraging membership engagement through posts on media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
The So-Cal Chapter is currently exploring which platforms are most effective for communicating with members and non-members. As a committee Chair, Caroline attends TWS So-Cal Board meetings in addition to Chapter meetings and assists with running professional workshops, including 2019’s arroyo toad and burrowing owl workshops.
Founded in 1937, The Wildlife Society is an international network of nearly 10,000 leaders in wildlife science, management and conservation who are dedicated to excellence in wildlife stewardship. Its mission is to inspire, empower, and enable wildlife professionals to sustain wildlife populations and habitats through science-based management and conservation. The Wildlife Society is a strong and effective voice in representing wildlife conservation and management and ensuring sustainable wildlife populations in healthy ecosystems.
For more information, contact Angela Haas  in the Rocklin office at (916) 782-9100 or Caroline Garcia in the San Diego office at (858) 279-4040.

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