Newly Retired, Ever Admired Roger Mason, Ph.D., RPA Director of Cultural Resources, Emeritus

Archaeologist, Principal Investigator, Author, Leader, Mentor.  These are a few of the things we think of when we think of Roger Mason.
36 Years Cultural Resources Management; 836 Projects, and a Million Proposals while at ECORP.
Roger.Mason _002_It is with mixed emotions that we are announcing the retirement of Dr. Roger Mason. Roger has been with ECORP for 15 years as the Director of Cultural Resources and has been professionally involved with cultural resources management in Southern California since 1983. His commitment and dedication to this company has played an important role in the growth and success of this firm. When asked for parting words or a favorite memory to share, Roger replied, ” Over the past 15 years I have enjoyed working on many interesting projects and solving problems with my ECORP friends and colleagues. Highlights have been editing and contributing to the Antelope Valley Archaeological Research Design for Caltrans and evaluating and completing mitigation for archaeological sites in the Canyon Hills development area (Lake Elsinore area) for Pardee Homes.”
Roger has authored hundreds of reports dealing with cultural resources surveys, evaluations, and mitigation programs in all southern California counties. He has extensive project experience with the cultural resources requirements of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and Section 106 of the NHPA and has been the Principal Investigator for all tasks carried out under ECORP’s blanket purchase order with the County of San Bernardino Department of Public Works. Roger has been adept at formulating prehistoric contexts and research questions to be employed in evaluating whether prehistoric sites are eligible under NRHP Criterion D and CRHR Criterion 4. He also prepared numerous cultural resources sections for CEQA documents and was a consultant to the California Energy Commission and the California High Speed Rail Authority for preparation of cultural resources sections of environmental documents. In addition to the numerous technical and professional reports that he has prepared over the years, Roger has written published articles and monographs, presented papers, and provided public lectures. His most recent article as principal author is entitled Aztec Period Political and Economic Organization of Western Morelos, Mexico, accepted for publication in Ancient Mesoamerica.
When asked what his retirement plans are, he replied, “In retirement I will do research and write about southern California prehistory, as well as western Morelos, Mexico, where I did my dissertation field work so many years ago. I will also still be available to ECORP on an on-call basis.”
ECORP hosted a dinner party to honor and reinforce our appreciation for this esteemed employee and brilliant person. Although we will miss him, he has more than earned the right to spend more time marking items off his bucket list. Everyone at ECORP wishes Roger all the best for the future!

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