South Sacramento Habitat Conservation Plan – Updates

sshcpThe SSHCP is adopted, and all new projects (ministerial and discretionary) within the SSHCP Plan Area will need to be evaluated to determine if the SSHCP applies. Most projects will be subject to SSHCP requirements unless they have valid existin g permits or do not alter natural land cover. The SSHCP is a regional effort that will create a streamlined federal and state permitting process, while preserving habitat, open space, and agricultural lands. The SSHCP will allow Sacramento County, the City of Rancho Cordova, the City of Galt, Sacramento County Water Agency, and the Southeast Connector Joint Powers Authority to receive Incidental Take Permits for Covered Species from USFWS and CDFW. The SSHCP also includes an Aquatic Resources Program to streamline permitting under the Clean Water Act Section 404 and 401. Land use authorities (Sacramento County, Galt, and Rancho Cordova) will be able to authorize incidental take of state and federally listed species and minimal impacts to aquatic features for projects implemented by third-party proponents.
As of October 2018, the SSHCP has been adopted by all partners. Additionally, the Central Valley RWQCB issued the programmatic Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certification for the SSHCP in April 2019, the USFWS issued the 50-year federal ESA Incidental Take Permit in June 2019, and the USACE issued the Programmatic General Permit and Letter of Permission in July 2019. Anticipated permits/approvals in fall 2019 include the USACE Streamlined Permit Strategy and the CDFW California ESA Incidental Take Permit.
ECORP has managed the regulatory permitting for several projects that served as “on-ramps” to the SSHCP permitting process and is currently managing the regulatory permits for projects pursuing coverage under the SSHCP. We have qualified biologists with experience in preparing the supporting documentation needed for SSHCP permit applications and in helping clients to meet the project design, avoidance, and minimization measures required by the SSHCP. ECORP can also assist with the land dedication process for land owners who are interested in dedicating land to the SSHCP to satisfy mitigation requirements.
If you have a project within the SSHCP Plan Area , please contact Taraneh Eman  at (916) 782-9100 to see how our permitting specialists can assist in your project planning and regulatory needs.

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