ECORP Continues to Grow

ECORP feels fortunate to continue to be able to steadily increase our staff through this past year. Here are some highlights of staff who have joined ECORP since the middle of 2020. 

Michael Richards, M.A., RPA – Senior Archaeologist, Redlands Office

Mr. Richards is a Registered Professional Archaeologist with over 26 years of cultural resources management experience in southern California and Arizona. He meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications Standards for prehistoric and historic archaeologist. Mr. Richards has directed and participated in numerous and varied California and Arizona studies that included field survey, testing, data recovery, analyses, mitigation measures, and providing recommendations for the National Register of Historic Places. He is experienced in the organization and execution of field projects in compliance with Section 106 of the NHPA and CEQA. Mr. Richards serves as a Project Manager, Cultural Resources Task Manager, and Field Director for ECORP’s southern California projects.

Nicholas Bizzell – Associate Archaeologist, Santa Ana Office

Mr. Bizzell is an Associate Archaeologist with over 10 years of experience in cultural resources management. Mr. Bizzell has participated in numerous archaeological projects throughout the State of California, experience that includes working with clients in both public and private sectors. Mr. Bizzell has substantial archaeological experience with cultural resources monitoring, inventory surveys, excavation and subsurface testing, and laboratory analysis for projects in northern and southern California. Additionally, Mr. Bizzell is cross trained as a paleontological monitor for projects requiring both archaeological and paleontological monitoring. 

Stacie Tennant – Senior Wildlife Biologist/Project Manager, Santa Ana Office

Ms. Tennant has over 24 years of experience processing resource agency permits and authoring and managing the preparation of environmental documents for transportation, water, electric utilities, planning, and development projects throughout southern California. She has extensive experience in conducting and coordinating sensitive-species surveys; focused surveys for Threatened/Endangered plant and wildlife species; reconnaissance surveys; and habitat evaluations for Endangered, Threatened, and sensitive floral and faunal species.  She has authored and managed the development of biological resources sections of numerous Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs), Biological Technical Reports, Biological Assessments (pursuant to Section 7 consultations with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [USFWS]), Natural Environment Studies (NESs) (pursuant to California Department of Transportation [Caltrans] guidelines), focused surveys for sensitive species, tree reports, resource management plans, mitigation monitoring reports, Habitat Assessments and Determination of Biologically Equivalent or Superior Preservation (DBESP) Reports for the Western Riverside County MSHCP, and general biological assessments and constraints analyses. She is experienced at implementation of field programs to track, report, and support compliance requirements and mitigation measures. Ms. Tennant has worked with a diverse range of clients, assisting them with navigating often complex projects and identifying creative solutions to assist in the protection of biological resources. 

James McLaughlin – Staff Environmental Planner, Rocklin Office

Mr. McLaughlin is a Staff Environmental Planner with more than 25 years of professional experience in environmental planning, technical report preparation, and regulatory compliance, including more than 7 years of project management. His expertise is in environmental project management of transportation, utility and water infrastructure, trails, and development projects throughout California. He has prepared multiple CEQA and NEPA documents involving coordination of multi-disciplinary technical studies and project teams, and prepared environmental permits to comply with local, regional, state, and federal regulations. His past project experience also includes CEQA and permit mitigation monitoring, Phase I and II environmental site assessments, hazardous materials and waste inspections and permitting, and obtaining CEQA and other environmental compliance for fire fuel breaks and landscape irrigation projects for State bond-funded projects performed by the California Conservation Corps. 

William Duvall – Senior Air Quality/GHG/Noise Analyst, San Diego Office

With over 13 years of experience, Mr. Duvall joined the ECORP air quality practice in the San Diego office at the beginning of March this year. After obtaining his B.S. from SDSU in Environmental Engineering he began working on a variety of air quality and energy projects for clients ranging from manufacturing facilities to large utilities and government agencies. Prior to coming aboard at ECORP Will was spending the bulk of his time managing ambient air quality network operations and maintenance for the Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Hueneme. He specializes in complex solutions for air quality and meteorological data collection and management for permitting, planning, and public relations applications. 

Also joining our staff are:

  • Adriana Bustillos – Administrative Assistant, Redlands Office
  • Colin Crawford-Martin – Assistant Environmental Planner, Chico Office
  • Stephanie Herdt – Assistant Biologist, Santa Ana Office
  • Nicolle Herr – Associate Biologist, Rocklin Office
  • Thomas Keiner – Associate Archaeologist, Santa Ana Office
  • Verity Richardson – Assistant Biologist, Santa Ana Office
  • Megan Rupard – Assistant Environmental Planner, Chico Office
  • Corrina Tapia – Assistant Biologist, Redlands Office
  • Daniel Tomaselo – Assistant Biologist, Rocklin Office

About ECORP Consulting, Inc.

ECORP Consulting, Inc. has assisted public and private land owners with environmental regulation compliance since 1987. Find out more at ECORP Consulting's mission is to consistently deliver high-quality environmental consulting services through outstanding science and timely, creative solutions for our clients, while providing an excellent work environment for our staff.
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