ECORP Consulting, Inc. had a very humble beginning in 1987. The firm began in the garage of a home in Roseville, California. The present CEO and President of ECORP, Jim Stewart worked in the Roseville garage in 1987 perfecting the transfer of analog biological information into a digital map format, a technique that was in its infancy at that time.

The firm had three employees in 1987, but grew rapidly in response to federal, state, and local environmental compliance requirements. Both private and public property owners required the services of ECORP to assist in avoidance of habitat impact, and to obtain the requisite authorization from agencies for unavoidable impacts. Very soon after the firm was formed, Bjorn Gregersen, Peter Balfour, and Hal Freeman joined. All currently are Vice Presidents of ECORP. Their addition to the firm provided an array of skill sets that have proven crucial to ECORP’s success. ECORP offered a full suite of aquatic and terrestrial biological services. ECORP opened a Bay-area office in 1999 in Oakland and, at that time, added Cultural Resources services.

The firm continued to add services such as hydrology modeling, fluvial geomorphology, California Environmental Quality Act and National Environmental Policy Act compliance, marine biology, environmental justice and language translation outreach services as ECORP expanded into Southern California. In 2004, ECORP established a Redlands office in San Bernardino County and, in 2005, a Santa Ana office in Orange County. These offices are managed by Don Mitchell and Brant Brechbiel respectively, both Vice Presidents. With continued geographic and service expansion, ECORP has been very successful in providing services to military, transportation, and alternative energy clients throughout California. In 2007 ECORP established a San Diego office which has enhanced our service offerings with the addition of landscape architecture and soil science specialists, and additional marine and habitat restoration biologists.


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